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About Us


Bay Design and Graphics was established in summer of 1984 as a part time business in the city of Glendale California, and in mid 1987 as a full time business to present time.
From the start to the point where the company is now the commitment has been to serve the public, and we love what we do. Although the company started as a printing establishment, but through the years we have added deferent departments to the company.
We have many years of experience in Graphic Arts conventional as well as digital. We understand and appreciate the creative power the digital tools of the 21st century, and know how to use them to complete projects successfully.

We specialize in graphic design, final file preparation for printing, and short-run, digital offset printing. We work with other locally established printers and graphic designers, in the Los Angeles area, and throughout the United States. We provide prepress services to local printers as well. We are guided by a two very simple ideas—we sincerely care about the work you trust to us and, we work very hard to make it easy for you to work with us.

Call us at 818.243.1844